Driven Elite Performance Health Services

Our Driven Elite Health services provide comprehensive care of athletes of all levels and capabilities. From sports-related injury treatment rehabilitation, biometric testing, fitness assessment, minor illness treatment, to injury prevention services. We are Driven to Better Health and Performance.

Our Driven Elite Performance Health Services Include:

Other services we offer include:

  • Duel-energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA) Scan:  The most accurate measure of body composition available on the market today. It is a quick, painless radiographic study that measures the amount of muscle mass (lean tissue) versus fat as a percentage of a person’s total weight. It is a valuable tool for weight management, rehabilitation, and athlete strength and conditioning.
  • VO2 MAX: VO2 max is the peak oxygen usage of an athlete at maximum exercise and is measured in milliliters of oxygen. It is a good measure of overall cardiopulmonary fitness and peak performance capability. We offer ways to improve your VO2 max.
  • RESTING METABOLIC RATE (RMR) MEASUREMENT: RMR is an indicator of the calories you burn on a day-to-day basis with and without exercise. It is an important measure to determine how to best fuel your body and rest your optimal weight.
  • CALORIES PER HOUR (KCAL/HOUR) WITH EXERCISE: The calories per hour expended while exercising can help you plan your nutrition and replacement needs during and following workouts and competitions.
  • BLOOD LACTATE PROFILE: Your lactate profile is a powerful and reliable predictor of performance in aerobic exercise.
  • BIOMECHANICAL AND GAIT ANALYSIS: Expert gait and biomechanical analysis can determine patterns and muscle imbalances that can lead to foot, knee, hip or back disorders and poor performance.
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